Finance Solutions

Digitising and automating finance processes is essential for businesses. It saves time and increases efficiency by reducing manual tasks, allowing finance professionals to concentrate on strategic activities. Automation ensures data accuracy, compliance, and significant cost savings by minimizing errors and operational inefficiencies.

Real-time access to financial data facilitates quicker, more precise reporting and decision-making. Scalability and integration capabilities ensure adaptability to evolving business needs.

Common Processes To Automate

Vendor & Customer Onboarding

No more emails going back and forth – Implement one seamless process to collect and verify company information and documents, automate creation and signing of contracts, and streamline internal tasks and approvals to get transacting quickly.

Purchase Requests

Streamline capture and approval of expenses, all within MS Teams – Reduce delays and manual paperwork, experience faster approvals while enhancing financial management with defined approval levels and a detailed audit trail.

Invoice Processing

Cut out the manual capture – Leverage AI to rapidly process invoices, reducing human error, and speeding up payment cycles. Boost team efficiency and build stronger supplier relationships.

Contract Management

Effortlessly manage contract lifecycles – Implement a seamless workflow for drafting, approval and digital signing of contracts. Maintain a secure repository of contracts with automated reminders and renewals – Reduce admin, mitigate risk, and allocate more time to what is needed.

Expense Claims

Smart, simple expense claims – streamline capture and processing, reduce errors and fraud, improve visibility and control, and ensure compliance.

Digital Signatures

Sign anywhere, anytime – Collect digital signatures and integrate them seamlessly into your workflows, ensuring faster, secure, and legally compliant signing, facilitating a more efficient and eco-friendly paperless workflow for your financial operations.

Common Roles That Will Be Positively Affected

Clerk / Controller

Reduced manual input

Financial Manager

Faster processing of requests

Compliance officer

Conformance to defined processes


Accurate data to make decisions

Streamlined communication and flow of information

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Customer Solutions


Kathryn Schuster

Head of Finance

The Autopilot solution not only met but exceeded our expectations. What used to be a rigid and time-consuming process is now streamlined and efficient. The implementation by Greenlight was impressively smooth, and the users have adapted quickly, thanks to Autopilot’s user-friendly design and integration with Teams. The ease of implementation and the immediate benefits we observed, have made us eager to expand our use of Autopilot to other processes in the organization.